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FAQ about the Hover kart

Is it compatible with any hoverboard? 

To this day it has been proven that hover karts are designed to work with hoverboards that have a rounded center part, like most 6 ” and 10 ” ones.

Models like those in the photos that we will put below, are compatible with the UK Segways hover kart, which are 6.5 ”, 8 ”, and 10 ”. Despite this, work will continue to manufacture Hover karts compatible with some of the new hoverboard models that are being introduced under the new regulations.

If you are interested in buying a hover, kart but cannot find if it is compatible with your Hoverboard model. Please send your Queries on Certified Swegway UK.

How much does a hover kart cost?

This depends on the safety and quality of this, the lower the quality, the lower the price. In any case, the established price is usually within the range of 60 to 90 euros. Some have more functionality and are more practical to use, so they usually have an approximate price of 80 euros.

We are working on offering a hover kart model that is of good quality and has an affordable price. Now, we only have one model and it costs € 86.

How does it work?

The hover kart installs quickly and easily to your hoverboard. The two handles are connected directly to the two halves of the joint, which you have full control over.

To steer it you need to push forward or backward with the handles, in the same way as before by tilting your foot backward or forward, this is what makes the wheel turn.

Each wheel is controlled independently so your hover kart will provide impressive maneuverability.

How is it installed?

To start, put the hover kart horizontally, so that to place it, the handlebar anchors are embedded in the base of the hoverboard.

Then the straps should be fastened around the hoverboard without touching the wheels. It is always a good idea to make sure the straps are snug and tighten them further if necessary before riding.

How fast will it go?

The speed of your hover kart will always depend on how fast your HoverBoard is. If your HoverBoard reaches 12 km / h, the fact of incorporating the hover kart will not take away performance, so your transport will be just as fast. Click for More Info

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