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This Monster Bundle comes with the NEW Official UK Segboards 8.5” G2 PRO Black All terrain Hummer Segway Hoverboard, a FREE built-in speaker with 5.0 Bluetooth enabled for music streaming  AND the Hoverkart for FREE Worth £229.99!

  • UK’s No 1 established Segway Hoverboard, Hoverkart specialist
  • Shown & Ridden by the X Factor show contestants and Judges
  • FREE Official GoHoverkart Hoverkart included
  • 8.5″ G2 PRO Black All Terrain Carbon Black Segway Hoverboard included
  • FREE Built-in Speaker & 5.0 Bluetooth enabled for Bluetooth music streaming included
  • 2 x 350w Silent dynamic Motors
  • UL/UK Safety Certified Charger with UK Plug


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8.5″ G2 PRO Hummer Segway & FREE HoverKart Bundle

The MONSTER Bundle is the best bundle by far! Everything you need to get your monster wheels rolling!

The new 8.5 G2 PRO hoverboard is the latest 2024 model and comes with an Aluminium chassis as well as 5.0 Bluetooth speakers to play your music from a Bluetooth device as well as self-balancing feature. This hoverboard also comes with smart slick front and back LED lights.

The All Terrain G2 PRO Hummer Monster Can Handle:

  • Deep Grass (Dry)
  • Sandy Beaches (Dry)
  • Bumpy Pavement

The All Terrain G2 PRO Hummer is IP54 rated (Water resistant and not waterproof – not to be used in water puddles or in heavy populated water areas).

Board Specifications

  • Aluminium Chassis
  • Top Speed – 12-15 km/h
  • Ride Time – up to 2 hours (depending on surface, weight, incline etc.)
  • Special Feature – Self balance
  • Battery Charge Time – 2 – 3 hours
  • Motor size – 2x 350w Silent dynamic Motors
  • Safety – battery with fire proof shell
  • Gradient / Slope climb – up to 20 degrees
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Anti-slip footpads
  • Product Weight – 13.5kg
  • Hoverkart Compatible – Yes
  • Minimum weight limit – 25KG
  • Maximum weight limit – 100KG
  • Minimum user age limit is 8 Years +
  • Low battery indication

Available colours: Black, Camo, Hip Hop, Red and Blue


Monster Hoverkart

As a bonus we will also give you a free Monster Hoverkart which helps turn your hoverboard in to a hoverkart so you can sit down and enjoy the fun. The Monster Hoverkart comes with suspension arms and springs and a hard wearing rubber wheel which helps you to be able to ride of different terrains. The hoverkart also comes with a bucket inspired racing seat. This is the ultimate attachment to have with your hoverboard.

Hoverkart Specifications

  • Max weight up to 120kg
  • Max speed 12mph
  • Suspension arms
  • Velcro straps
  • All terrain rubber wheel
  • Very easy to put together with our Manual
  • Extendable frame to fit different user heights
  • Non slip seat
  • Compatible with 6.5 inch & 8.5inch hoverboards

Available colours: Black, Camo, Hip Hop and Graffiti


What’s inside the box?

Box 1 – Hoverboard

  • 8.5” G2 PRO Hoverboard (2024 model)
  • UL/UK Certified Charger with UK Plug

Box 2 – Hoverkart

  • Monster hoverkart
  • Hoverkart manual
  • Off Road Wheel
  • 2x Suspension arms
  • 2x Velcro straps
  • 1x Nuts and bolts pack
  • 1x Non slip Bucket seat


Why Should You Buy From US?

  • CE UK safety approved and tested
  • 5 years’ experience
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Free Delivery
  • UK/UK Certified Charger with UK Plug
  • In house repairs centre
  • UK based Customer services team


More monster bundles Available –  Please Click here

This green hoverboard from UK Segboards is a great choice for those looking for an advanced hoverboard with all the bells and whistles. It includes features such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, and built-in speakers. It also has a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 12-15 mph.

The motor in this green hoverboard is very powerful. The motor size is 2x 350W silent dynamic motor. This means that the hoverboard can reach speeds of up to 12-15 mph.

This green hoverboard from UK Segboards can carry up to 100 kgs.

This green hoverboard from UK Segboards has a range of up to 12 miles.

Yes, this green hoverboard does have anti-slip pads for advanced safety. These anti-slip pads help to keep the rider safe and secure while riding on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Yes, people of different heights can ride this green hoverboard. This monster comes with extendable footpads which can accommodate riders of different heights.

Yes, you can attach a kart to this green hoverboard. This is a great option for those who want to have even more fun while riding their hoverboard.

The green hoverboard is made with high-quality materials and components. This includes a durable aluminum alloy frame, high-grade plastic parts, and rubber tires.

Moreover, it has been certified by UK’s leading testing facilities such as the European Safety Standard (CE).

The green hoverboard comes with a 1-year warranty. This means that you are covered against any manufacturing defects for a full year.

Along with the green hoverboard, you will also get a charger, user manual, and remote control. The remote control can be used to set the speed and other functions of the hoverboard.

Yes, the green hoverboard is available in different colors. You can choose from a variety of colors such as blue, red, white, and black.

Yes, you can ride this green hoverboard on different terrains without damaging it. The tires are made of high-quality rubber that can handle different terrains.

Moreover, the aluminum alloy frame is also very durable and can withstand bumps and scratches.

The minimum weight limit for this green hoverboard is 100kg. This means that even kids can enjoy riding it.

Yes, the green hoverboard is very easy to ride. even beginners can master it quickly. The controls are very simple and user-friendly.

Moreover, the self-balancing feature makes it even easier to ride.

Additional information

Choose Colour Kart

Black, Graffiti, Hip Hop, Camo, Blue

UK Segboards

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