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Hoverboard MEGA SALE! Swegways from only £199.99

Don’t miss out on the MEGA SALE for Selected Swegways from only £199.99!

For a limited time only UK Segboards are offering swegway / hoverboards and hoverkart bundles from as little as £199.99 including next working day delivery, want to know what deals are on offer at the moment? Take a little look at some of them below and click on any one of them to view the product!


Bundle DealsHOT!

Get your FREE HOVERKART with this Segway for only £229.99


This is a never seen before deal! Limited whilst stocks last!

Get a FREE hoverkart when you purchase this blue swegway bundle allowing you to transform your segway board into an all singing and dancing bluetooth gokart within minutes!

Revolutionising the way you use a swegway FOREVER!

Classic Swegway Deals

6.5″ Purple Bluetooth Swegway only £199.99

Classic 6.5″ Blue Swegway only £199.99

Blue Classic LED.fw

Bluetooth 6.5″ Pink Swegway only £199.99

Bluetooth 6.5″ GOLD Swegway only £199.99


Chrome Swegway Deals

Bluetooth 6.5″ GOLD Chrome Swegway only £219.99
Bluetooth Gold Chrome Hoverboard

Bluetooth 6.5″ Silver Chrome Swegway only £219.99

A Bluetooth Silver Chrome Hoverboard

 Our Segways are UK Safety Checked & Certified!

We understand what you need to look out for when buying a segway/hoverboard within the UK… especially when you need to consider how safe they are for your child.

This is why UK Segboards have taken the extra step to ensure all of the boards we sell are completely safe, first of all any swegway that leaves the factory is UK CE & UL Certified, once they arrive in the UK we work closely with trading standards and other safety bodies to double-check the safety standards.

When a customer places an order our independent warehouse team will quality check every order before sending them out so be rest assured that you’ll have a UK compliant segway which is also covered for up-to 12 months (electrical warranty) in case anything arises.

What we provide with every board:

  • Genuine Samsung and LG lithium batteries.
  • Correct UK Fuse and 3 Pin Charger.
  • All electrical components are tested to adhere UK Standards.
  • The charger has an intelligent cut off switch to prevent over-charging.


Don’t miss out on these amazing deals! Visit our swegway Promotions page



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